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Honoring the Armed Forces With Quality Products and Services

Military Art 

At V & T Designs in El Paso, Texas, our goal is to provide the best quality product possible. We take great pride in our work and strive hard each day to produce products we can be proud of.

Apart from military art, we also offer the following items:


We frame commander coins, guidons, and medals. We can also design shadowboxes for any type of military memorabilia. All our guidons meet Army Regulation 840-10 and the U.S. Heraldry specifications. They are finished with a pole hem and tab.

Custom guidons are made to order. Framed regulation-size, single-sided guidons start at $225.00 and replacement guidons are $175.00

We also offer mini versions starting at $102.00 and medium sizes at $140.00.

Battalion Colors

Our battalion colors are customized for each unit using The Institute of Heraldry. We can provide input that will make your unit colors unique. We understand the importance of military history and will ensure that the presentation is not only appealing to the eye but also militarily correct.

These products come in three sizes: small 8" x 6" starting at $165, medium 11" x 9," starting at $210, and large 14" x 12," starting at $255. Please contact us concerning your unit, size and additional information to order yours today! 

Personal Military Items

Allow us to highlight your awards, promotions, or dedicated service with a custom shadowbox or unique frame. With 30 years of military experience, we guarantee satisfaction. We will make sure that your items will make you as proud to display as we are that you volunteered to wear the uniform. Thank you for your service.

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